Play and Learn Groups

Through Start at Zero Play and Learn Groups, young children and their parents and caregivers participate in fun, preschool-like activities and get to know other families in their community. Play and Learn Groups are facilitated by Start at Zero staff who welcome families, prepare activities, and guide the playgroup. See the calendar below to see our fun themes for this session!

Play and Learn Groups are designed to help your child get ready for success in school and life, even if they are only crawling at the time. Play and Learn Groups give your child an opportunity to play with other children and practice school skills like colors, numbers, using a pencil, waiting their turn, listening to a story, and much more!


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We have several weekly groups to choose from. Please sign up for a group. You can sign up at any time during the year, or you can even just drop by and try out a group! Play and Learn Groups are free and open to all.

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