Family Visiting


A certified Parent Educator visits families with children age 0-5, working with both children and parents through comprehensive two-generation support. Parent Educators coach parents on how to support their child’s healthy development and make connections to resources that lead to increased parent empowerment, family stability, and well being.

Family Visits are completed at schools, homes, clinics, and/or in other community locations and the program is modeled to retain flexibility to identify where parents are in the parenting continuum and scaffold services to meet their needs. Therefore, Family Visiting has a menu of available services, including short- and long-term home visiting, developmental screenings, and extensive guided referral and resource connections.

Little Classrooms


Each week, a group of parents and their children come together in a preschool-like setting, participating in activities that enhance child development and increase social connectedness. Children participate in a high-quality preschool lesson, giving them an opportunity to practice essential cognitive and social/emotional kindergarten-ready skills. Parents learn how to support their child's continued development, build relationships with other parents in a positive environment, and have access to parenting information from a certified Parent Educator. 


Learning Check-ups

A Start at Zero staff member meets with a parent and their child age 0-5 for a one hour appointment to complete a developmental screening, which creates a snapshot of a child’s development in order to celebrate milestones and identify delays, if any. Results of the screening can lead to connections to early intervention or other programs that support the child and family’s continued development.

Parent Association


All parents participating in Start at Zero programs have the opportunity to join the Start at Zero Parent Association. This group meets quarterly for parent education and leadership development, and serves as an advisory board for Start at Zero. Members of the Parent Leadership Team are connected to opportunities both inside and outside of Start at Zero.